Protect the Interest of California's Workers

As an advocate for all California Public Works employees, SCC takes great pride in its track record of successfully recovering over $2,000,000 in underpaid wages and training fund contributions for California’s workers. SCC thoroughly audits each construction project to ensure compliance in all areas including onsite employee interviews, detailed certified payroll record audits, apprenticeship standards, and daily report review.

Uphold the Integrity of California’s Labor Compliance Program

SCC has maintained a strict adherence to the requirements of California’s Labor Compliance Program, and remains on the frontier as the program evolves. It is with the utmost integrity that SCC contributes its years of experience and knowledge in order to preserve the Labor Compliance Program and to ensure its purpose is fulfilled.

Safeguard Clients Against Liability

As validated by the passage of California Assembly Bill 414, SCC strongly believes the third party administrator of a Labor Compliance Program should not have any relation with contractors or subcontractors. Since neither the owners nor employees of SCC participate in the actual construction of facilities, no conflicting interests are present. This unique characteristic allows SCC to stand completely impartial while providing labor compliance services, and ensures that consistently ethical enforcement is applied in all circumstances. SCC is devoted to its client’s needs, and through responsible implementation of the Labor Compliance Program, serves to safeguard its clients.